Agenda (28 Sep 2010)

29.09: Master Classes

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Venue: Tolstoy Conference Hall, Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, 2 Europe Square, Moscow

09.00-09.50Welcome coffee
09.50-11.00Complex engineering solutions for mining enterprises
Organiser: TOMS
09.50Introduction to mining enterprise development stages and processes.
Artem Romanchenko, General Director, TOMS Engineering
10.00Application of modern methodologies and equipment in ore quality studies and development of ore processing technologies.
Arkadiy Senchenko, Director, Research and technological Center, NIIPI “TOMS”
10.20Metallurgical technologies for processing refractory concentrates.
Alexander Aksyonov, Principal metallurgist and Head of Metallurgical Laboratory, Research and technological Center, NIIPI “TOMS”
11.00-11.30Coffee break
11.10-13.00Complex engineering solutions for mining enterprises
Organiser: TOMS
11.30Complex project design of mining enterprise.
Pavel Fedotov, Director, TOMS-project
11.45Turnkey technological solutions for ore processing factory.
Roman Men’kin, Director engineering department, TOMS engineering
12.00EPCM solutions for mining industry.
Artem Romanchenko, General Director, TOMS Engineering
14.00-15.30Combining international and Russian project evaluation approaches
Organiser: SRK Consulting
14.00Developing a GKZ-JORC compliant geological model.
Alexander Polonyankin, Senior Resource Geologist, SRK Consulting (Russia)
14.15Linking international slope design techniques to Russian standards.
Sergey Ogorodnikov, SRK Consulting (Russia)
14.30Building a Platform for Underground Mine Optimisation.
Chris Bray, Senior Mining Consultant, SRK Consulting (UK)
14.45Ore processing project designs. Comparison of Russian and international approaches.
Dmitry Ermakov, Senior Processing Engineer, SRK Consulting (Russia)
15.00Optimising mine dewatering.
Vladimir Ugorets, Principal Hydrogeologist, SRK Consulting (US)
15.30-16.00Coffee break
16.00-17.30Reducing the risks in the CIS coal industry
Hosted by IMC Montan
Moderator: John Bacharach, Director, IMC Montan Russia
16.00Introduction – The Unacceptable Face of the CIS Coal Industry.
John Bacharach, Director and Principal Mining Engineer, IMC Montan, Russia
16.10What are the Risks? Why do Explosions Occur?
Bob Stevenson, Senior Safety Consultant, IMC Montan, Russia; formerly UK Principal Inspector of Mines
16.40Risk Reduction – What Must be Done
John Warwick, Director, IMC Montan; previously Head of Ventilation and Methane Control with British Coal Corporation
18.00-20.00MINEX 2010 Welcome Drinks

29.09: For Students

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Venue: «Pushkin Hall», Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, 2, Europe Square, Moscow

Organiser: SRK (Consulting)

13.30Mining a career for your future.
David Pearce, General Director, SRK Consulting (Russia)
13.40Tulips to Gold Mining.
Jurgen Fuykschot, Senior Mining Consultant, SRK UK
13.50A brief moment in time.
Liubov Egorova, Resource Geologist, SRK Russia
14.00Modelling in a Mining World.
Anna Krasnaya, Business Evaluation Consultant, SRK Russia
14.10Changes in mining education - Bridging the international divide.
Prof. Vadim Petrov, Pro-rector, Moscow State Mining University
14.20Questions from the audience.
Organiser: SRK (Consulting)
14.30International approach for resource estimation.
Khongor Chidzhiev, Geologist, SRK Consulting (Russia)
14.50Russian mineral reserves and resources classification system. What role international standards play in it?
Professor Peter Kushnarev, Head of geological modelling & reserves evaluation, Polyus Gold Exploration/ Superior Grade Expert GKZ RF at Russian State Geological Prospecting University
15.10Submission of reports for GKZ approval using internationally recognised Gemcom products.
Inna Shalovenkova, Senior Geologist, Gemcom Software Russia
15.30 – 16.00COFFEE BREAK
Organiser: American Appraisal
16.00Decision Making in Extractive Industries
- Value attributes of mineral property
- Return Measures
- Value Cycle - From Exploration to Production
- Sources of Information for Cashflow Projections
Sergey Rafikov, Senior Project Manager, Valuation of Exploration Projects
16.45Introduction to Valuation and Modelling
- General Valuation Principles
- Valuation Approaches. Specifics for Extractive Industries
- Cash Flows Modelling
- Risk Adjustments and Discount Rate
Andrey Vyacheslavov, Senior Project Manager. Energy and Utilities Valuation
17.15Putting it All Together: Case Studies and Practical Examples

30.09: Forum

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08.00 – 09.00Welcome coffee
09.15 – 10.30

Plenary session 1
(Main conference Hall)
The role and key objectives of Russian and CIS mining industry
Moderator: Oleg Soskovets, Chairman of the Eurasian Business Council/President of Association of Financial -Industrial Groups

09.15Evolving trends in global mining economics. Current role of Russia.
John Campbell, Industrial Products Leader for Russia and CEE , PricewaterhouseCoopers
09.30International aspects of mining industry.
Alexei Mojarov, Economic Affairs Officer, Special Unit on Commodities, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
09.45Russia's Investment Climate in the Sphere of Subsoil Activity and Changes to Legislation between 2009 – 2010.
Aydin Jebrailov, Partner, Mining, Project Development/Finance, Macleod Dixon
10.00Global Trends in Exploration.
David Cox, Vice President , Metals Economics Group
10.15Deep Ocean mineral resources: survey and exploration prospects.
Darya Vasilevskaya, Deputy Director, Subsoil Use State Policy Department, Ministry of Natural Resources of Russian Federation
10.30 – 11.00Coffee break
11.00 – 13:00

Plenary session 2
(Main conference Hall)
Russian mining companies: opportunities and key priorities for the next five years
Moderator: David Pearce, General Director, SRK Consulting (Russia)

Pavel Maslovsky, General Director
Vitaly Nesis, General Director
11.30Polyus Gold
Boris Zakharov, Deputy General director on production, Polyus Gold
11.45Atomredmetzoloto Uranium Holding (ARMZ)
Alexander Boytsov, Deputy General Director
12.00Kinross Gold Corporation
Lou Naumovski, Vice President and General Director, Moscow Representative Office, Kinross Gold Corporation
12.15Samruk Kazyna State Wealth Fund
Jandos Abishev, Head of Mining assets management directorate
12.30Opportunities for development of large exploration projects in Russia. Examples of Elkon Mine (ARMZ) and Bamskoe (Polyus Gold).
Alexander Popov, General Director, Urangeo
12.45 – 13.15Mining CEO panel discussion
Key issues for Russian mining companies both for their activities in Russia and investments overseas
• Pavel Maslovsky, General Director, Petropavlovsk
• Vitaly Nesis, General Director, Polymetal
• Boris Zakharov, Deputy General Director, Polyus Gold
• Alexander Popov, General Director, Urangeo
• Alexander Boytsov, Deputy General Director, ARMZ
• Lou Naumovski, Vice President and General Director, Moscow Representative Office, Kinross Gold Corporation
• Andrey Varichev, General Director, HC “Metalloinvest” (*)

13.15 – 14.15Lunch
14.15 – 15.30

Plenary session 3
(Main conference Hall)
Mining & Exploration in Russia & CIS going forward
Moderator: Lydia Petrashova, Partner, Head of Metals & Mining, KPMG

14.15SUEK strategy: key directions and projects.
Oleg Pertsovskiy, Head of Risk management, Strategy and Corporate development, SUEK
14.30Development of Ozernoye Mining and Processing Plant for the Production of Zinc, Lead and Gold concentrates.
Sergey Garichev, Deputy Director General, MBC Corporation
14.45Opportunities for expanding gold deposits in carbonaceous-metateterrigene sediments of the Ayan-Yarakh anticlinorium (Magadan region of the Russian Federation) based on Pavlik Mine example.
Vasiliy Makarov, General Director, “Pavlik Gold Mining Company”
15.00Highland Gold: experience in Russia.
Brent Horochuk, Chief Operating Officer, Highland Gold Mining
15.15Junior titanium mining investment projects in Ukraine.
Igor Stelmakh, Head of Project and Structured Finance, Exim-Consulting
14.15 – 15.30

Business Podium 1
(Tolstoy Conference Hall)
Commercial presentations

14.15SET – new approach to design of mining, metallurgical, energy and infrastructure projects.
Sergey Fedorov, Head of development, Sibtsvetmetniiproject
14.30Development of complex mining management systems based on K-Minex geoinformation system.
Sergey Khomenko, Head of Geoinformation Systems department, Krivbassacademinvest
14.45KWH Pipe's solutions for Mining Business (Slurry Pipe and Mobile Production).
Vesa Penttila, Export Manager, KWH Pipe Ltd
15.00Ore testing during transportation, processing and finished product stages.
Sabina Yushakova, General Director, VVS Engineering
15.30 – 16.00Coffee break
16.00 – 17.45

Technical session 1
Mining IPOs on the Global Capital Markets
Session sponsor: PricewaterhouseCoopers and Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking
Co-moderators :
Alexander Lopatnikov, Managing Director, American Appraisal
Andrey Melnikov, Director, Principal Mineral Economist, SRK Consulting (Russia)

Technical session 2
Optimisation of mine projects design and management
Session sponsor: Mincom
Moderator : Nikolay Godunov, Vice-president, Mincom

16.00IPO topical issues for the mining industry.
Mikhail Subbotin, Business Development Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Planning a joint Russian-International study.
Mike Beare, Principal Mining Engineer, SRK Consulting (UK)
16.15Return of Russian IPOs.
Laurent Charbonnier, Director for Metals and Mining team, EMEA, Credit Suisse
Modern methods of mine modelling and management.
Andrey Nadein, Head CIS representative, Mincom
16.30Extracting value from your listing.
Jon Edwards, Senior Manager - Russia & CIS, Equity Primary Markets, London Stock Exchange
How to ensure projects are robust before you invest.
Kirill Pristanskiy, Deputy Director, Bateman Engineering CIS.
16.45NYSE Euronext London. The Gateway for International Issuers.
Aaron Goldstein, Head of Russian Business Development International Listings, NYSE Euronext
Mining Capital Projects: Global Sourcing - Opportunities & Challenges.
Nikola Kolev, Procurement Director, Hatch
17.00Hong Kong Stock Exchange. New Listing Rules for Mineral Companies
Alexander Lopatnikov, Managing Director, American Appraisal
Technological Advantages of using Sonic Drilling for Mining Exploration & Mining Production Projects.

Patrick Langan, General Manager, EMEA Drilling solutions, Boart Longyear
17.15Trends in Mining IPOs.
Sebastian Oechelhaeuser, Managing Director, Rothschild
How to ensure future profits? Technical aids available to miners at the mine design and planning stage.
Irina Shvets, Deputy General Director, Technical Issues, Gemcom Russia
17.30Q&As, Robin Birchall, Vice President, BMO Capital Markets Accounting issues in block modeling features of the Russian practice of reserve calculation.
Vladimir Markevitch, Deputy Head, Geological modelling & reserves reporting Dept., Polyus Exploration
18.00 – 19.00Coach transfer from Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel to “Yar Restaurant”, 32/2 Leningradsky Prospect, Moscow
19.00 – 19.30Pre-Dinner drinks reception at “Yar Restaurant”
19.30 – 20.00Minex 2010 “4th Russian Mining Excellence Award” Ceremony
20.00 – 22.00Minex Gala Dinner followed by “The Faberge” Russian Show
22.00 – 22.45Coach transfer from to Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel

01.10: Forum

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08.00 – 09.00Welcome coffee
09.15 – 11.00

Plenary session 4
(Main conference Hall)
Accessing Russia’s land resources: Current regulatory environment and practices
Moderator: Levon Kocharyan, Managing Partner, Macleod Dixon

09.15Current regulation of access to mining fields defined strategic in Russia.
Darya Vasilevskaya, Deputy Director, Subsoil Use State Policy Department, Ministry of Natural Resources
09.30Subsoil use in Russia – regulatory and legal issues.
Prof. Yevgeny Melekhin, Expert, Federation Council Committee on Natural Resources & Environmental Protection
09.45What are subsoil users expecting from the Russia’s law on “Natural Resources”
Valery Braiko, Chairman, Russian Gold Producers Union
10.00The Mining Advisory Council’s proposals on changes in the “Natural Resources” Law.
Nikolay Matyash, Executive Director, The Mining Advisory Council
10.15Leasing forest lands for exploration purposes.
Arkady Toivonen, Deputy General Director, Legal Issues, Polyus Exploration
10.30Issuing licenses for technogenic mineral deposit development.
Victor Tarakanovskiy, Chairman, Russian Prospectors Union
10.45Comparative view on regulation of mineral exploration projects in Karelia (Russia) and Finland.
Alexander Mikhailov, Principal Exploration Geologist, SRK Exploration Services
11.00 – 11.30Coffee break
11:30 – 13:15

Plenary session 5
(Main conference Hall)
CRIRSCO-GKZ. Integration of Russian and International resource and reserves standards
Moderator: Mike Armitage, Chairman, SRK’s practices in the UK and Russia

Business podium 2
(Tolstoy Conference Hall)

11.30An update on the Committee for Mineral Reserve International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO).
Roger Dixon, Chairman, CRIRSCO
11.30: Potential impact of growth of Chinese gold production on Gold Mining in Russia and CIS.
Yuri Kirillov, Head of Research, Irmita Consult
11.45Harmonisation of Russian-CRIRSCO reports and proposals for development of the Russian Resources and Reserves standard.
Grigory Malukhin, Head of the Methodology and Development Department, State Commission on Mineral Reserves (GKZ)
12.00Minerals Reporting Standards in the European Union.
Steve Henley, Independent expert
11.50: Designing mining control system based on Gemcom software.
Alexei Scherbachev, Technical Director, Gemcom Russia
12.15Key requirements for improving technological efficiency of exploration in Russia.
Dr. Andrey Kharlashin, General Director, RJC Exploration
12.10: Using data on unconfirmed resources for planning exploration works.
Boris Kavchik, Head of Marketing, Irgiredmet
12.30Resolving systemic contradictions between Russian and International standards of reserves and resources reporting. “Pavlik” mineral deposit Case Study.
Alexei Nikandrov, General Director, Miramine
12.30: CAE Mining - A Company Profile.
Sandeep Ray, General Manager, CAE Datamine International Ltd.
12.45What makes a Competent Person competent?
David Pearce, General Director, SRK Consulting (Russia)
13.00Ensuring transparency in the International marketplace and the role of the independent consultant.
Phil Newall, Director - Minerals, Wardell Armstrong International
Precision magnetometric studies using ultralight aircraft.
Vladimir Lygin, Deputy General Director, Yuzhny Aviatsionniy Center.
13.15 – 14.15Lunch
14.15 – 15.45

Technical session 3
(Main conference Hall)
Managing Mining risks: corporate, environmental and investment issues
Session sponsor: ERM Eurasia
Moderator: Sergey Bourtsev, Director, ERM Eurasia (Russia and CIS)

Technical session 4
(Tolstoy Conference Hall)
Mining efficiency – Technological solutions and their implementation
Session sponsor: awaiting confirmation
Moderator: Mikhail Leskov, General Director, NBLGold

14.15Managing technical and politico-economic risks.
Charles Kernot, Director, Metals and Mining, Evolution Securities
Nickel hydrometallurgy in Urals.
Dmitry Baskov, General Director, Uralsky Nickel
14.30Coal Mine Explosions in the CIS – Managing the Risk.
John Warwick, Director, IMC Montan, Russia; previously Head of Ventilation and Methane Control with British Coal Corporation
Using advanced technologies and equipment in gold mining industry.
Grigory Vojloshnikov, Deputy General Director, Irgiredmet
14.45Environmental transparency and maintaining a 'social license to operate'.
Nick Coppin, Managing Director, Wardell Armstrong International
Optimisation for Underground Operations. Application of EPSOT.
Aidar Kairbekov, Senior Mining Consultant, Datamine International
15.00Environmental and social risks in mining industry.
Elena Amirkhanova, Principal Consultant, ERM Eurasia
Increasing slurry pipeline lifetime. Case study of Karelsky Okatysh Slurry Pipes.
Vesa Penttilä, Export Manager, KWH Pipe Ltd
15.15Mining Risks. Raspadskaya Coal Company and its relations with investors and industry after explosion in May 2010.
Alexander Andreev, Deputy General Director for Strategic Planning, Raspadskaya Coal Company
Coal river pipeline. New hydrotransportation method.
Alexander Brodt, Head of Research, E-Trans
Alexander Perepelitsyn, Head of Mining and Metallurgical inspectorate, Rostechnadzor (*)
Control of Geotechnical Processes in Redevelopment of Flat-lying Ore Deposits.
Alexander Makarov, Professor, Head of Geotechnical Department, Kazakhmys Corporation
15.45 – 16.15Coffee break
16.15 – 17.45

Technical session 5
(Main conference Hall)
Mining financing through the cycle
Session sponsor: American Appraisal
Moderator: Alexander Lopatnikov, Managing Director, American Appraisal

16.15Key credit considerations for rating Russian and CIS mining companies.
Larissa Loznova, Vice President - Senior Analyst, Moody's Eastern Europe
16.30Attracting international capital for smaller mining companies.
Vyacheslav Marin, Corporate Financier, City Investment Group
16.45Financing mine construction projects.
Nikolay Kalashnikov, Ph.D., Commercial Director, Mining and Construction Company – Shaftproject
17.00Environmental & Social Financial Considerations for Going Global.
Craig Watt, Principal Environmental Consultant, SRK Consulting
17.15Meeting EBRD’s mine financing requirements for environmental and health safety and social security.
Alexander Gordin, Principal, Managing Director, Golder Consulting (Russia)
17.30Due diligence at the banks request for financing of the mining project.
Lydia Petrashova, Partner, Head of Metals & Mining, KPMG