Minex 2010 4th Russian Mining Excellence Award


Prospector of the Year


Evaluation criteria: Achievements in expanding mineral resource base and increasing mineral reserves:
1. Discovery of new deposits
2. Evaluation of mineral resources
3. Addition of mineral reserves
4. Public recognition of achievement


ООО “Kingashskaya GRK”

Completion of exploration works and placement on the state reserve balance of the large Kingashskaya deposit of sulphide cobalt-copper -nickel ores including PGM and gold (Krasnoyarsk territory).
ООО “Golevskaya Mining Company”Quality explorations works and placement on a state reserve balance of the large Ak-Sug copper-porphyry deposit with copper, molybdenum and gold reserves (Republic of Tyva)
ZAO “Raspadskaya Coal Company”Re-evaluation of the large Raspadskaya coal deposit and an efficient layout of a deposit area to accommodate several mines, which added 555 Mt of reserves
Millhouse Dvoynoye deposit: an extensive additional exploration and re-evaluation of the deposit have been undertaken and a strategic investor (Canadian company KinrossGold) has been attracted for further deposit development.
ArlanPavlik deposit: an extensive additional exploration and re-evaluation of the deposit have been undertaken; over 100 t of gold reserves have been approved by GKZ in Balance Category; JORC-compliant resources have been estimated at some 150 t of gold
Olovskaya Mining Company Exploration programme at the Olovskoye uranium deposit aimed at increasing a resource base in accordance with the international classification standards; much better reconciliation between the Russian and international reserve estimates.
Baikalskaya Mining Company Exploration programme at the world’s largest undeveloped Udokan copper deposit which resulted in a significant increase in a resource base in accordance with the international JORC Code.
Yeniseiskaya Industrial CompanyCompletion of preparation of Elegest, the largest coal deposit for commercial development.




Evaluation criteria: Successful development of a project during the period between two MINEX Forums.

ООО “Tarsky GOK”Use of a hydraulic borehole mining method to work the Tarsky titanium- zirconium placer deposit (Omsk region)
ОАО “Kolskaya GMK” Implementation of a sublevel caving system with frontal ore drawing and a room and pillar system with subsequent cover caving at the Zhdanovsky deposit (Murmansk region), which will allow the low-grade copper-nickel ores to be efficiently worked by an underground method at deep levels and will enable the mine to achieve a production rate of 6 Mt which is comparable to the production rates of open-cast operations

“Petropavlovsk PLC”

Successful commissioning of a second phase of the Pioneer gold mine, and simultaneous commissioning (in the period between Minex 2009 and Minex 2010) of the Olekminsky titanium-magnetite mining and processing complex and the Malomyr gold mine.
ООО “Lunsin” Successful development of the mining project at the Kyzyl-Tashtyg polymetallic deposit (Republic of Tyva)
SouzmetallresursSuccessful implementation of the complex programme of technical and socio-economic development of the company amid the global economic crisis
Kuzbass Fuel Company
Ongoing production increases, sustainable development and strong financial performance amid the global economic crisis
MetalloinvestFor industrial scale introduction of innovative methods of oxidized ore and tails processing.


investor of the year


Evaluation criteria: Significant investment in a mining project.

ОАО “Polyus Gold”Investing some $450 mln into Blagodatnoye deposit
MechelSuccessful development of the Elginskoye deposit, one of the world’s largest coal deposits


Acquisition of the gold mining company Crew Gold as part of the strategy for the creation of a large mining company
ОАО “Polymetal” Investing $33 mln into the development of Birkachan gold deposit


challenge of the year


Evaluation criteria: Development of new technologies or implementation of existing technologies that significantly improved productivity, environmental or safety performance.


Federal Government Agency
“State Commission on Mineral Reserves”

Successful work on the accession of Russia to the CRIRSCO family / alignment of Russian and CRIRSCO reporting systems, introduction of modern information technologies and geostatistical methods into the Russian reserve estimation practice and development of the draft Russian mineral resources /reserves reporting standard.
RusalSuccessful entry into the South-East Asia capital market which is new for Russian companies, as a result of IPO at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


mining education project of the year


Evaluation criteria: Successful implementation of educational programmes in cooperation with the industry leaders.

The nomination winner (an educational institution) is determined by ОАО “Polyus Gold” – Minex 2009 “Mining company of the year” award winner.

Awarded the Siberian Federal University (SFU).


mining Finance providEr of the year


Evaluation criteria:

  • raising finance for a large project at an early stage of development
  • total investment volume in the mining sector over the past year

ARMZRaising finance for a large-scale programme of equipment upgrading and development of uranium mining capacities in Russia
GOKHRAN of Russia (State Repository for Precious Metals)Raising finance for the development of diamond mining by the Alrosa company and its subsidiaries; organization of a crediting system (prepayment of seasonal mining) through the Russia’s gold refineries for small and medium-sized placer gold mining operations


Pyrkakai deposit: raising finance for a large-scale programme of exploration works at seven tin assets
Société Générale Corporate & Investment BankingSG is one of the most active international banks in the Russian mining-metallurgical sector. The bank offers a diversified range of services for project financing at different development stages, debt financing and fund raising in the capital markets. The key transactions organised by SG in 2010 include raising large credit financing for the Petropavlovsk, Mechel and SUEK companies. Participation in IPO of Rusal and issuance of convertible bonds for Petropavlovsk.
ООО “GSK Shakhtproject”Development and implementation of a new programme for financing the construction of new mines in Russia; contractual mining activities and development of the relevant infrastructure in the permafrost and complex terrain conditions.




The award will be assigned by the Minex Award Committee.

The award is presented to managers, specialists, scientists and employees of the Russia’s minerals companies for the outstanding contribution to the development of the Russia’s mining industry or science.

Mr Mikhail Ivanovitch Schtchadov received the honorary award.



International mining industry award “For the development of mining business in Russia” was established at the Minex forum in 2007. The main purpose of the award is to contribute to the competitive spirit and promote best achievements in the Russian mining industry. Both Russian and international companies can become award nominees.

The Award ceremony will take place on 30 September at Gala Dinner of Minex Russia-2010 forum at the historic “Yar” restaurant in Moscow. Results of the ceremony will be published at Minex websites, and will be covered by 30 Russian and international media partners of the forum.

Coordinators’ Contact Information:
Chairman of Minex 2010 Award Committee
Mr. Alexander Lopatnikov
Managing Director
American Appraisal
Tel.: 7 495 795 2450

Chairman of Miniex 2010 Organising Committee
Mr. Arthur Poliakov 

Managing Director 

Advantix Ltd

Tel.: +44 207 520 9341


Members of Mine 2010 Award Committee

  • Andrey Melnikov, Deputy General Director, SRK Consulting (Russia)
  • Darya Vasilevskaya, Head of Draft Law Development Department (PhD), Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation
  • Alexei Smirnov, Partner, Tax Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Nikolay Matyash, Executive Director, The Mining Advisory Council
  • Dmitry Varlamov, Deputy General Director, Magazine “Russia’s Mineral Resources. Economics and Management”
  • Elena Amirkhanova, Senior Consultant, ERM Eurasia
  • Tatyana Linde, Head of Geological, Economic and Financial Evaluation of Mineral Deposits, State Commission on Mineral Resources of the Russian Federation
  • Vadim Petrov, Pro-rector, Moscow State Mining University, Deputy Chairman of the Education Association Council of the Russia’s Mining Higher Education Institutions.
  • Irina Shchegolevskaya , Director, IMC Montan
  • Mikhail Leskov, General Director, ZAO NBL Gold